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Tekashi 6ix9ine Next Song Title Will Be About Snitching

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s next song title might be about snitching, not surprising.

Since his release from behind bars, Tekashi 6ix9ine has been doing whatever it takes to keep his name in the headlines and keep fans and haters alike interested in his next move. Now he has decided to let his social media followers in on his creative process, announcing that the comment that receives the most likes on his latest Instagram post will become the title of his new single. The track, a follow-up to his post-incarceration hit, “GOOBA,” was originally supposed to be released on May 22, but has now been delayed until next week.

So far, it looks like Tekashi’s own nomination for a song title is winning, with his comment “Trollz?” earning the most votes. However, other, more appropriate ideas have also been receiving a lot of hits in the comment section, including “The snitcha” and “SNITCH 9ine.”

While the New York City native has been managing to stay in the rap game thus far since his release, it doesn’t look like anyone will be forgetting his decision to cooperate with federal authorities anytime soon. In addition to trying to keep his head above water in the hip hop world, 6ix9ine is also reportedly working around the clock to avoid violent retaliation by keeping his movements and location extremely private.

Earlier this week, the unreleased and untitled song in question was speculated to be featuring Nicki Minaj and be titled “TACO,” based on a lone taco emoji Minaj recently tweeted out. It looks like the track will not be named after Mexican food after all, but some are still expecting a Nicki feature. During the snitching debacle, it was widely theorized that no rappers would be willing to work with Tekashi after his release, but it’s starting to look like even big names will continue to associate with snitches these days if the money is right.