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Romeich Camp Uses Charity And Dancehall Hits To Fight Corona Pandemic

Birds of a feather, win together. From charity to chart-toppers, Romeich Entertainment has been at it with no signs of slowing down, despite lockdowns that have crippled the creative sector. In a recent interview (the Box Lunch Podcast with IB Konteh), CEO Romeich Major reminded audiences of Shenseea’s extraordinary work ethic, which initially impressed him enough to sign the then novice songstress. It seems that’s a trait shared by the whole team — the hits keep coming as they actively try to alleviate the plights of those most affected by the pandemic.

Yesterday, celebrated as Labour Day in Jamaica, saw the team out and about in full (sanitized) force, delivering care packages, gift baskets, and broad smiles straight to a very grateful few. Captioning the day’s events, Romeich wrote, “We a put in the Labour of making families feel better and can feel more comfortable in these times. Stay strong my Jamaican people and have a HAPPY LABOUR DAY!”

The national holiday is typically used by entities and individuals for projects, spruce ups, and generosity in general, but again, the team proves they’re a cut above the rest, and that in these times, 24 hours alone might not do the trick. Romeich had previously touched hearts with Mother’s Day efforts, after which the team released their single ‘We Rise’, throwing their weight behind some serious fundraising along with their usual feel-good energy. Featuring the likes of Teejay, Ding Dong, Shenseea, Koshens, Taurus Riley and others, the VIP lineup left fans with one pressing message: reach out, where possible, so that we all rise.

The entertainment and creative industries, in particular, have been hard-hit by social distancing protocols, limiting appearances and performances across the board. With plenty of time and talent to spare, the crew added a hint of ingenuity, and the track was born. It’s already assisted over one thousand in need, possibly strengthening the camp’s following though Romeich insists that’s not their motive. “I don’t only promote and talk, I live what I say. I wanna see unity, upliftment, love, believe..we rise.”

Also, in the spirit of treats and gifting, Shenseea, sent fans some ?Wasabi? – her spicy new single – proving once again why she’s the real number one trending gyal. Fans are already eating it up, sending the song straight to number 4 on trending shortly after its premiere. Just five days after its debut, the video views stand at 350K – nearly 100K a day with no video and limited promotion. If ‘?that nuh sound safe,’? it’s because it actually sounds more like winning, with her singles ?”The Sidechick Song” ?and ?”IDKW”? featuring Swae Lee & Young Thug, doing well also.

The latest from the camp show Ding Dong’s efforts out in Nannyville with stacks of branded relief packages and many helping hands for distribution. The Romeich team clearly doesn’t lose steam or sleep, knowing when and how to pivot the marketing, tweak the message, and seize momentum.