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Squash Drops Off New Song “Dem Energy” Listen It

Squash learns how to not “give a f**k” on his brand new release titled, “Dem Energy.”

The 6IXX Boss incorporates some smooth vocals while calling out persons who have failed to keep the friendship sacred and true. With that in mind, Squash confesses that he was already aware of the fakeness being portrayed by these so-called friends. However, the switch-up still came in the form of those so-called friends turning their backs on him when he needed them the most.

He recounts one of the most tragic things about his past, the death of his brother, and references the steps he took to protect himself after that unfortunate incident, such as taking up arms and becoming a loner. Squash prays to Jah for guidance and protection from his enemies and anyone who comes with bad energy. On the flip side, he salutes all those who have remained true and real throughout the entirety of their friendship.

Wap Dem Records has teamed up with 6ixReal Records and YG Records to offload the new mediational track, meanwhile, 21st Hapilos Digital handles distribution.

Squash has previously revealed his decision to pursue a grammy with his upcoming project titled, ‘Mr Whittaker.’ While some listeners have expressed their doubts about making it to the top spot, he has also gotten some strong encouragement. We hope that he has turned the negatives into positives. After all, energies are never destroyed, simply converted into a new form.

Fans can continue to enjoy “Dem Energy” as they await more information on ‘Mr Whittaker.’