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Agent Sasco Goes “Loco” On The Beat, Watch It

Agent Sasco provides a sick flow on his new track. With such crazy flows detected, there was no better title for the release other than the Spanish word for crazy, “Loco.”

Agent Sasco has long been praised as one of the greatest lyricists from Jamaica. He regularly spits clearly audible but truly ingenious bars on his tracks, whether h tackles dancehall or reggae. “Loco” finds its place among Sasco’s dancehall hits through a punchy uptempo beat, flared with scratch record sounds, and underlying vocals soaked into the bed of the track.

Sasco chars fire on the track as he hits out against the many different forms by which injustice and immorality infiltrate the general population. He takes a stand against rape, new forms of online prostitution, guns and drug smuggling, reprisal killing, family members covering for known gangsters, and a couple of other issues deemed loco.

He also shouts out a few of his industry brethren, such as Koffee, who he teases about remixing “Loco,” Protoje, and Lila Ike’ with whom he collaborated on “Not Another Word” and producer Teflon.

Throughout the video Agent Sasco sports his own brand meanwhile dropping a few simple foot movements down an empty street. For the most part, Sasco’s crazy bars and mild dancing dominates the video until we see a few shots of a man acting crazy while dancing with an afro pick in his hair.

“I like the fact he dont have to sing bout violence to get fame or any hype its all good king music clean u look clean life clean you bless keep helping them understand if they kill out each other is other people that go enjoy jamaica land fe them,” praised one fan who appreciated Sasco’s social commentary.

In the words of Saso, “Di humble calf turn one of the GOAT now!”

Catch “Loco” below.