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Intence Got Very “Deep Pockets” – Watch New Video

Intence, the young hitmaker who took the work by storm in 2019 which his controversial release “Go Hard,” is really showing just what a phenomenal work ethic he posses by dropping nine brand new music videos and one audio track within the last month. His fans are not only appreciative of the quantity but are also applauding the quality of his releases, with at least one fan seeing a bright future for the entertainer.

“This man will be another Dancehall Legend…. Man make sure take time out with his lyrics and doesn’t give us foolishness to listen. Releasing so many songs in a short time shows he has a great work ethic,” he wrote.

Intence is back with a brand new song and video titled, “Deep Pockets.” Throughout the video Intence alongside KDVisuals876 show us just how deep our pockets need to be to support many of man’s deepest pleasures which include, women and gambling. The song finds its way among the company of other great songs discussing the many joys money brings and just how to get it, even if that means breaking a few laws.

“Friend them rich like say we sell oil, no loud up white people crime” sings Intence, before showing that he also dealings in other venture, “Just lef school and a boss lifestyle a yesterday me fling weh Mona tie / Just send a key a coke go a market.”

Intence salutes Chippy before we see the Uptop Boss Teejay making a masked appearance at one of the poolside parties. Could this mean a collaboration in the future?

“Deep Pockets” provides a look into the life of a young entertainer who stamping his mark on the industry.

The track can be streamed below.