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Jahmiel Drops New Song “Lights Off” On ‘Revamp’ EP

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Jahmiel has finally released the leading track, “Lights Off,” from his upcoming ‘Revamp’ EP.

“Over the past few weeks in Quarantine I’ve realized that many of my fans and persons in general are complaining about having to stay inside and the inability to party, go outta road when they want to. But I want people to know to use this time wisely, don’t let this pandemic make you panic. Look within yourself and RESET, REVAMP. Whether it’s your business, your relationship or you as a person, a mother, RESET improve, become a better you. Only way we can do that is to make the conscious effort to GO INSIDE- Internally and make the REVAMP,” expressed Jahmiel in a press release.

“Lights Off” definitely takes things inside for the female fans who had been left stranded by Jahmiel, who was previously engaged in a fierce battle against the 6IXX camp. The Patriotz leader has once again reserved time for the ladies, and with a slow, groovy beat, the females should be pleased with what they are provided. It’s much more than a one night stand for Jahmiel, who summons his ride or die to “ride on” when the lights go off. The love is reciprocated as she too has confessed that she doesn’t want anybody else apart from the Great Man.

“Lights Off” provides the complete package, smooth vocals that ensure it is properly suited for those late-night endeavors, and clean, emotional lyrics that transform it into the ultimate love song.

You can listen Jahmiel’s new song “Lights Off” below and catch the release of the 5 track EP on May 29th, 2020.