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Khia Says Trina Has HIV In New IG Rant As Beef Intensifies

The controversial dispute between Trina and Khia has taken another dark turn.

The ladies kicked things off this month when the “My Neck My Back (Lick It)” singer claimed she wanted to take Trina in an Instagram Live Verzuz battle. Trina talked about the proposal during a recent episode of her radio show on Miami’s 99 Jamz. She opted to shame Khia, claiming, “I’m a queen. This is called ‘royalty’ over here. I’m not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that hasn’t worked as hard as I worked for anything.”

Khia soon caught wind of this and responded in a video addressing Trina’s remarks and the real reason she thinks the rapper doesn’t want to battle her. “I know you’re still mourning the death of your mammy and you’re still grieving, so I’m going to let you have your little ‘burst of confusion’ and let you slide when you act like you don’t know a b*tch,” she said. “You ain’t gonna address a b*tch, but you gonna sit up here and talk about a b*tch for 30 god damn minutes. B*tch, you know you don’t want none of me.”

She continued, “We can shake the numbers and b*tch, I outrun you each and every muthaf***n’ time. I done swallowed you whole then and I’m swallowing you whole now. Now we the people want to know why you think everyone else is beneath you, h** and who gave the crown to the baddest Bassett Hound ’cause we still confused. We don’t know a hit you’ve ever had.”

The two have been trading blows for years now, but Khia’s big talk about battling Trina reignited their old hate flame. Both artists competed closely as two successful rappers in the industry in their day. This is one Verzuz battle that fans and artists alike would sign on early to see, but could it also be the least likely to happen?

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