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Eminem Named His All Time Favorite Lil Wayne Verse

Eminem says Lil Wayne’s verse on “Mona Lisa” is one of the best of all time.

Lil Wayne’s new Young Money Radio on Apple Music’s Beats 1 has had a consecutive run of great shows since its inception. The rap mogul has had some famous guests in hip-hop music on his radio show, including Drake, Travis Scott, and now Eminem. Wayne interviewed Em on Friday, and the past collaborators and friends spoke for almost twenty minutes about their music, new artists they’ve been seeing, and their creative process now as rappers who have been in the game for over two decades.

Early on in the interview, Eminem told Wayne that he’s been wanting to tell him that he’s been “murdering sh*t” with his past couple albums. He went on to say, “I never got a chance to tell you but, yo,” Em tells Wayne,” ‘Mona Lisa,’ your two verses on that sh*t… gotta be one of the top five verses of all time.” Wayne humbly accepted the compliment with a modest laugh. “Thank you man,” he said.

Eminem continued, “I love when rappers are able to tell a story and don’t compromise any of the punchlines. It’s great to see you and me still doing it.” Wayne was quick to second that adding, “that right there alone, it shows the beauty of what we do, period.” Eminem agreed, telling Weezy that “It’s definitely an art to this sh*t and, man, you got it mastered,” the Detroit rapper said. Wayne responded, “Likewise,” to which Em said, “thank you, man.” The lack of hubris in the delightful exchange between these top rappers was inspiring to hear.

Elsewhere in the interview, the rappers admitted that they both google their lyrics to make sure they don’t rewrite something they’ve said before. The rap moguls chalked it up to just how long they’ve been making music. Lil Wayne revealed that his browsing history on his phone would reveal that he frequently searches ‘Lil Wayne lyrics’ on Google and Em emphatically concurred. “I swear to God I do that too,” Em told Lil Wayne. “I just did that sh*t last night.”

Throughout the interview, both rappers agreed with each other a ton and appeared to have a lot in common as well. Even outside of the music, it seems they are good friends like Lil Wayne implied in the introduction when he called Eminem, one of his favorite people. Weezy and Em have collaborated before on hits like “No Love” in 2010, which went 5x Platinum.

Do you agree with Eminem that Lil Wayne’s “Mona Lisa” verses are definitely top 5 material?