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Vybz Kartel Unleashed Lyrical Armageddon In New Song “Sociopath”

Vybz Kartel’s new song “Sociopath” reminds us that he’s one of the most lyrically inclined dancehall artistes ever.

We may need to ask producers Naviigator Entertainment for the magic Purple Haze Vybz Kartel is puffing on during the intro of his new track “Sociopath.” This must be the secret behind Vybz Kartel’s intellect and delivery, not just on this track but almost every release.

Vybz Kartel captures this both in his lyrics and the delivery. The disjointed chorus effectively captures the impulsive behavior that one with the condition would display. The rapid flowing delivery over the crooked beat is also a major clue that Vybz is in a different space, mentally, but different doesn’t always mean bad. A few weeks ago, Aidonia questioned Kartel’s mental state, and this feels much like a mockery of Aidonia’s claims, as only a mentally sound person could cook up such verses.

One fan wrote, “OMG this is, this is unexplainable… Such precision… What type of pen manship is this, so extraterrestrial, fine and precise this need a microscope ?… This is the writing of the finest scholar… A master… And I got this from just listening the first few bars, now rewind.’

“Sociopath” is worth the wait and worth the listen.