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Sean Paul Drops “Back It Up Deh” Video, Watch It

Certified rude boy Sean Paul has taken it to the skies, partying among the clouds in his new video, “Back It Up Deh.”

The Dutty Rock deejay has been churning out music since 1996 and has taken dancehall to some of the biggest stages around the world. However, there are different flavors to Sean Paul and which has seen the deejay making waves internationally, through a slew of pop and EDM hits and collaboration. “Back it Up Deh” feels like a combination of both hardcode dancehall with a splash of EDM, which does wonders for the song. This is no half-ass release, as it also comes with a stunningly shot music video, which has always been the standard and code by which Sean lives.

Most of the videos magic takes place in a hilltop cube, fitted with interchangeable LED lights. The lights both on and off the cube create a pleasing effect. Not only do the towers of red mark danger, but they also portray excitement, which also works well with the ring of fire we are introduced to a little later in the video.

The entire video is a call to have fun as viewers are treated to Sean Paul, busting a few moves. By the way, the ‘willy bounce’ is not the only dance in his arsenal.

As the title of the track suggests, the song is all about ladies showing their best booty bouncing moves, and we are treated to a lot of it as Sean Paul drops bars and a repetitive chorus over the EDM fueled beat.

“Back It Up Deh” can be streamed below.