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Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Directing And Starring In His Own Music Videos Due To COVID-19

Tekashi 6ix9ine might appear solo in his upcoming music video thanks to COVID-19.

Just a few days ago Tekashi 6ix9ine was cleared by Judge Paul A. Engelmayer to spend a total of 2 hours per week in his backyard to shoot videos and 8 hours per day in his studio to work on his music. 6ix9ine is wasting no time in getting to work, already teasing new music to be released on May 08, along with getting work done on a music video.

Here is the kicker, Tekashi 6ix9ine is shooting the music video alone. Sources say that he will be the only one in front of the lens, however, his security detail is helping behind the lens as well as other essential tasks needed to make a video. According to TMZ, not only are they helping with the production, but they are also being asked to do other menial tasks about the premises, such as making coffee, chauffeur like services for his cars among other odd tasks, talk about a proper security detail.

It makes complete sense that the man who has practically beaten racketeering and gang-related charges has some other tricks up his sleeve. Apparently, 6ix9ine was a videographer first then a rapper second, therefore, he has a wealth of experience on how to work the equipment. In light of this, he will not only be starring in the video but also directing. Sources revealed that he is already shooting behind-the-scenes footage.

As you must have guessed, Tekashi is not taking on this solo task just for the love of it. The rapper was released from prison early because of health concerns brought on by the coronavirus, therefore, it makes sense to keep contact with the outside to a minimum. There is also a looming threat to his life. While the rapper has not spoken about any actual threats coming his way, it would be foolish to think someone doesn’t want to see him go down, after he spills the whole buffet on his fellow gang members.

Tekashi may actually have a few other persons featured in the video however, they will be required to shoot their own videos which would then be merged.

Who’s interesting to see what the rapper has cooked up?