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Lyfe Jennings & Peter Gunz Gets Into It On IG Over Amina Buddafly

Lyfe Jennings and Peter Gunz ready to smoke each other over Amina Buddafly.

It Must Be Nice for Amina Buddafly to have two grown men contesting for her love on social media. In what feels like an episode of Love & Hip Hop, R&B singer Lyfe Jennings and reality star Peter Gunz traded words below a TikTok video princess Amina shared on her Instagram. Things kicked off with Jennings, seemingly teasing his girl. He asked, “What if I said…” leaving her to, well fill in the blanks. Picking at the bait she then proceeds to ask “What” with some star-struck eyes, however, before Jennings could give a response, Peter interjected himself, “trust me I’ve said it all…lol.”

It should be noted that Amina Buddafly and Lyfe Jennings are currently in a relationship, and Peter Gunz is actually the old flame. Amina and Peter called it quits after she filed for divorce in early 2018. Picking up where things left off in the comments, Amina questioned Peter about his intentions, and his reply confirmed what many have thought for years, that there is still some love there. He wrote, “I love love not smoke.” Choosing not to be overshadowed Jennings, threw a soft shade by referring to her as bae directly after asking if they cannot all get along.

The back and forth gets interesting from here on out with Peter digging up some dirt. “I think not brother that’s all you but my girls are all mine…Knock yourself out but I’m an extremely hard act to follow you can ask someone else we have in common…lol.”

Lyphe replied, “For Us to have something in common id have to be “common” and um far from that bro.” He continued with what many have seen as a sexually charged comment, “Buttttt … I’ve been known to drain pools too…”

In showing that he has the bigger guns Peter replied, “I drain lakes my ni*ga but don’t take my word for it we can just ask your bae @aminabuddafly if you will..”

In what may actually be the most ‘grown’ line from both men who are both above 40 years old, Jennings wrote, “I don’t ask women about ni*gas. If I got a question I ask the ni*ga. In person.”

This marked the dwindling of the tradeoff as Peter pulled a clever exit, “first off pause 2nd ni*ga bye.”

Jennings piled on the insults to conclude, “3rd stay in ya lane, this lane full Lil Pete. In all fairness, many would agree that Peter has the right to comment below the video, since his song, “Do What You Do” that was used in the TikTok, mind you Amina Buddafly did sing the chorus. In terms of winners, the majority of comments below the post on The Shade Room thought that Jennings won. What are your thoughts on this playground skirmish?