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Swae Lee Put Cap On French Montana’s Claim About Structuring “Unforgettable” Hit

French Montana is back to speaking on individual rappers and this time his claims involve Swae Lee.

French Montana found the time to step on some more toes this week when discussing his hit song with Swae Lee, “Unforgettable.” French attributes the success of the record to his musical scientist ways, seemingly implying that without him “Unforgettable” wouldn’t have been what it is today.

Speaking in an interview with Complex’s Everyday Struggle, French said the song initially lacked structure before it got to him. “I have one of the best A&R ears,” the rapper said. “You think ‘Unforgettable’ came to me like that before it went out? It was nothing like that. It didn’t have no structure, I had to sit there like a scientist and put it together.”

When Swae Lee caught wind of Montana’s remarks, let’s just say he couldn’t just keep scrolling. The Rae Sremmurd rapper took to Instagram where he let it be known that French Montana’s comments were “cap.” Swae even claimed to still have the original song so at least we know that if this goes further, there are receipts.

Apparently, French Montana didn’t want to prolong even more drama considering how many rappers he’s already beefing with (50 Cent, Young Thug, to name a few) so he tried to squash things soon after Swae Lee chimed in. “I LOVE SWAE LEE,” he said. “LETS STAY POSITIVE RAMADAN MUBARAK NEXT TIME COME GET ME FOR UNFORGETTABLE PART 2 !” He went on to awkwardly joke with Swae Lee about being the first to own a primate. “AND I HAD A MONKEY BEFORE YOU. WHO HAD THE MONKEY FIRST? LETS BEEF ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE NOT UNFORGETTABLE WE WON.”

It was probably wise for French Montana to retreat. Everyone and their mama know that Swae Lee is a certified hook maker and chart-topping hitmaker. That being said, “Unforgettable” might have just been forgettable without the superstar. With him, however, the 8x Platinum-selling hit peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017, earning French Montana his most noteworthy tune to date. As French pointed out in the Complex interview, the record is 1 million units away from being certified Diamond.

The song was a smash hit and there shouldn’t be anything left to say. It seems there is something about this pandemic that has artists spilling the first unprocessed thought that enters their minds. It’s hard to tell if it’s boredom or they’re craving attention but in the weeks since the inception of the virus, everyone seems to be putting their foots int her mouths with their respective musical peers. Will anybody even be friends after this?