Dancehall Veteran Macka Diamond Leads Initiative to Help Pregnant Women In COVID-19 Pandemic

Macka Diamond has announced that her foundation will be donating and supporting less fortunate pregnant women.

Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond is using her platform for some good in this difficult time that no one is exempt from. Macka took to Instagram to share a video of her announcing the initiative, which she says will support pregnant women in need during the pandemic.

“Me and my Money Diamonds have come together to form a foundation for our less fortunate pregnant mothers in this COVID-19. Let’s come together. All baby mothers DM me if you are expecting some time soon for us to donate something to you,” the dancehall artiste said. “Those who can help you can click on the link in my bio for the GoFund and look for the Paypal and Zelle to send what you can.”

Macka says she is very passionate about the cause and very willing to help. Her initiative came shortly after news of the unfortunate death of a young mother in Jamaica who died after giving birth following a strenuous labor experience that involved multiple hospital rejections and transfers as a result of the COVID-19 stigma. The mother, who would have celebrated her 24th birthday this week, tested negative for the virus after the tragic episode, which led to an even bigger public uproar. The incident is still being investigated as the government has intervened to evaluate if there was negligence on the part of the healthcare system.

“We are looking to help all these less fortunate moms and we don’t wanna say no more babies dying or no moms dying,” Macka continued. “I need some more people to come on board and help me. Whatever you can – money, clothes, kind – whatever you can. We love and appreciate you all.”

The dancehall artiste has been advocating for women empowerment and rights a lot more these days. She recently released a song called “Talk Up,” which gives a voice to women who are victims of domestic abuse. Macka says she has already received some donations towards her cause to help pregnant women. Check out the clip from her Instagram below.