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Boosie Badazz Reveals How Much DaBaby Paid Him For A Verse, Plus Access To His Lawyer

Boosie Badazz recognizes that times are tough for most, so he is trying to help young artistes in the current economic crisis due to COVID-19.

Back in 2016 — aka pre-corona times — Boosie Badazz worked with DaBaby on a track called “Baby Jesus.” At the time, DaBaby didn’t have the fame or the status that he enjoys today, and placing Boosie on the song was a smart marketing ploy to gain some attention and recognition. The “Nasty Nasty” rapper had already been around for two decades and charged DaBaby $15,000 to appear on the track, something which he discussed with DJ Vlad during a new interview on VladTV.

$15K is undoubtedly a lot of cash, but it ultimately launched the trajectory to where the North Carolina rapper is today. These days, however, Boosie has dropped his rate.

Discussing how both he and Vlad TV have people who rely on them for financial support, particularly during the Coronavirus crisis, Boosie said, “You got to let the pride go. I get $15,000 a verse and $10,000 a video. Right now I want $7,000 a verse. N****s jumping on that… People ain’t got no $15,000 now, give me $7,000. You can’t have no pride with this when s*** going this way [downward gesture].”

Lil Boosie expressed his thoughts that you have to invest in yourself, which often involves spending money. “You gotta spend money on yourself to make money. For real, bro.”

For those who enjoyed their first collab all those years ago, Boosie Badazz revealed that he has something else coming with the “Rockstar” rapper who just released his third studio album, “Blame It On Baby.” “We just did a record, I’m waiting on getting it cleared,” Boosie said. “I’m gonna put it on my ‘GOAT Talk 3’ called ‘Period,’ so shout out to DaBaby.”

How much do you think DaBaby now charging for a feature?