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Romeo Miller Wished Kehlani A Happy Birthday Driving Fans Wild

What’s in a birthday message? Fans of Kehlani and Romeo Miller are hoping a romance!

On April 24th, Kehlani turned 25-years-old. The day was significant for her, as it marked a milestone in her life. Not only has the “Everybody Business” singer reached two-and-a-half decades on earth, but she also surpassed the age at which her father passed away. “You’re officially older than your dad who passed at 24.. so this one feels different, this year is personal,” she wrote in a message to herself on Instagram.

Kehlani’s post to herself was echoed by a post from a friend in the industry, who fans are hoping means a little more… Romeo Miller added a photo of the pair to his own Insta that had followers thinking they’d make an adorable couple. “Catch (red-eye) flights, not feelings ha,” he wrote. “But more life and more blessings @kehlani! You are a treasure, God got big plans for you. 5/8 it’s up.”

Kehlani remarked on the sweet message, writing, “This picture is hilarious because you’d swear we caught this plane TOGETHER still such an epic coincidental serendipitous night. appreciate you!!!” to which he replied, “Yea like something out of a movie, God is funny that way tho ha. We’ll have good stories for the grandkids.” Cue romance rumors.

In the meantime, the former member of Poplyfe has other things on her mind, like dropping her new album. The follow-up to 2017’s “SweetSexySavage” is entitled “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” and is due out on May 8th. We’re sure it will be great.

Do you think Romeo Miller and Kehlani should hook up?