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50 Cent Issued A Coronavirus Ultimatum To His Boo Cuban Link

50 Cent is letting his boo Cuban Link know that he isn’t taking the coronavirus pandemic as a joke.

50 cent ain’t playing no games when it comes to his health when it comes to this deadly coronavirus. The extent to which Fif is taking things sees the rapper threatening to leave his babe in the streets if she doesn’t get with the program. The G-Unit man has been very vocal about how he feels about the COVID-19 pandemic. Just a couple of weeks ago, he called out the Spring Break revelers who headed to Florida for a good time instead of following the country’s protocol to stay home and keep their distance. Today he is throwing his jabs closer to home as he calls out Cuban Link for her sanitation or lack thereof.

The “I Get Money” rapper took to his Instagram account to say “I got these for @_cuban_link she got mad.” This was in reference to a pair of orange designer cleaning gloves that Fif uploaded in his post.

“I don’t care she gotta clean up or go outside with the corona’s,” he continued, dropping his final warning because that’s just how Fif does it, no matter who is dealing with.

One of Fif’s followers was not quite feeling his pushy style and asked, “Why don’t you clean up? It’s your mess too.” 50 Cent took a bit of time either from cleaning or from his supervisory position to answer the question thrown at him. He wrote in one of the calmest tones you might have ever seen from 50, “woah i don’t care you pretty, your chocolate a** will be over here cleaning too.”

This sparked an epic discussion surrounding what’s the correct way to go about cleaning in the home. Some of the old school cats and princesses that follow Fif felt that he was in his right to ask Cuban to clean up, what says you?

Cuban Link recently uploaded a few quick videos of herself testing out a new multivitamin, and by the looks of the background, the place looks pretty clean, so someone definitely wore those orange gloves.

Also, what do you think about Fif’s ultimatum towards his girl?