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Nicki Minaj Barbz Try To Cancel Doja Cat Over Fake Magazine Cover

Nicki Minaj has some feisty fans as Doja Cat’s collective is now finding out.

It seems that with so much time on our hands due to being in lockdown, some people don’t know what to do with themselves. So, they engage in Twitter beef — all in the name of the artists they adore. Nicki Minaj’s fanbase deemed the Barbz are some of the fiercest of the lot as they are prepared to defend their queen whenever needed. Urban Dictionary defines the group as “the very large, loving, loyal, committed, bad b****es, crazy, group of Nicki Minaj fans,” which is pretty accurate when you consider the battles they’ve gotten involved in. When a journalist for British GQ alleged that Cardi B — Nicki’s sworn enemy — had adopted Nicki’s style in a “more accessible way”, the Barbz were having none of it. Death threats descended upon the reporter, with some of the fans claiming that they would even hunt down the journalist’s family.

The latest target in the Barbz’ site is Doja Cat. It all began when a drawing emerged of the “Say So” singer appearing alongside Nicki and Megan Thee Stallion on the cover of Rolling Stone. While the image could be viewed as a testament to how bright the future of females in the hip hop industry is, the “Yikes” rapper’s fans took it otherwise and began to shade Doja which caused the 24-year-old’s fans to defend her honor.

A Twitter war ensued and the Cat had to step in, telling one of her own, “Stop responding to them they’re twitter gangsters and they have nothing kind to say about you or anyone. they live and breathe being f***in immature.” And with that, we said goodbye to the frying pan and hello to the fire!

Barbz got the hashtag “DojaCatIsOverParty” trending and continued to throw bombs in the direction of Doja and her feline fandom. Her fans eventually pulled it back, claiming that the Barbz overreact and that they represent their queen badly.

Nicki has remained hush.