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Jahmiel’s Lyric Provides Comfort To Brooklyn Healthcare Workers On COVID-19 Frontline

Some healthcare workers in Brooklyn on the frontline of the COVID-19 fight are finding comfort in dancehall singer, Jahmiel’s lyrics.

If you love conscious dancehall music, then Jahmiel is one of the go-to artistes of the current generation. Death is not the only outcome to expect if you contract the coronavirus, but that still doesn’t mean that persons are not shaking in their boots from witnessing a constant rise in the global death toll. As of April 11, 2020, the global death toll as surpassed 100,000, but there is still hope as over 404,031 have recovered from the disease.

The impressive recovery rate and the low death rate (taking into account how deadly the virus is) can be attributed to the hard workers in all public hospitals. These are the nurses, doctors doing this with limited supplies, working extremely long hours, having limited time with their families, all while staring death in its eyes, not knowing if they will be the next victim.

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For many persons in self-quarantine, music is the only drug to get them through boredom. However, for healthcare workers, music has become words of solace and guidance through this dark time. At least one Brooklyn hospital has chosen the great man, Jahmiel, as the voice to lead them into battle. The exact words of wisdom are extracted from Jahmiel’s 2017 track “Strongest Soldier.”

Jahmiel took to his Instagram account to share a photo of a nurse holding a cardboard poster with the lyrics, “The strongest soldiers get the hardest fight.”

The singjay mentioned that the nurse contacted him, stating, “From Brooklyn wrote your song down in the hallways to carry us through.” Jahmiel was clearly moved by the gesture to know that his message is being felt, especially when it matters. He continued his caption, “Happy my words could be of comfort to you all in this difficult time. My prayers and love goes out to NYC and the rest of the world.”

The comments then became overloaded with testimonies from other fans, sharing how his songs have helped to get them through some very turbulent times. The singjay has long been known for penning some of the most uplifting songs in dancehall, ever since getting his break.

Where do you stand on Jahmiel’s tracks, and what song are you clinging to during this quarantine lockdown?