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Teejay Drops Off Dark Single “Bing Bing” Rumored Alkaline Diss

Teejay teams up with D’Ultimate Dream Team to provide a brand new song titled, “Bing Bing,” rumored to be a Alkaline diss track.

You get all the elements of the new generation of dancehall coming through. From the trap-inspired beat and the paced at which Teejay delivers, to the lyrical content of guns, money, and girls, the song is sure to captivate the fans of the new dancehall sound. The chorus of the track is also one of the highpoints, as Teejay finds a way to transform just a couple of words into something surprisingly catchy. If you still aren’t able to follow, the team gives us a decent lyric video which we can follow. Surprisingly it seems the characters in the video are throwing up signs that seem to resemble that of the Vendetta camp.

While the track does not have the elements of a diss track, the commentators who have chimed in on the song have concluded that the track is aimed at Alkaline. This conclusion comes after the Vendetta boss apparently took shots at Teejay on “Monopoly.” Just a few days ago, Teejay also took to his Instagram to bash his haters and to let it be known that he is ready for whatever an opponent wishes to bring to the table.

“Bing Bing” feels more like a song to educate the masses on how Teejay is living more than a diss track, however, with tempers flaring over the past few weeks, the release of a diss track would not be farfetched.

Listen Teejay’s new track below.