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Lil Jon Plays Unreleased Song Ft. Usher & Ludacris During IG Battle Against T-Pain

We may have had to wait until 2020, but Ursha, Jon and Luda might have done it again.

Instagram Live is doing it again with the epic DJ battles. This time, it was Lil Jon against T-Pain, both artists who have everyone in their early 30s reminiscing about prom and clubbin’ in the early 2000s—two activities nobody is allowed to participate in right now. The battle attracted nearly a quarter million viewers, with the highlight of the event going to Lil Jon when he unexpectedly dropped an unreleased track featuring himself, Usher, and Ludacris. The trio who once brought us the grind-worthy “Lovers and Friends” apparently got together for another impressive track written by the legendary Jermaine Dupri.

In addition to the new music, the battle also brought us some behind-the-scenes production stories such as when Lil Jon explained that the beat for Trillville’s “Some Cut” came to him when he heard a chair squeaking in the studio. “It’s not a f*ckin’ bed, it’s a f*ckin’ cheap a**, Office Depot, old a** chair”, Jon says about the sound that up until now everyone assumed was meant to be bedsprings. T-Pain laughed at the anecdote, saying, “Only you man, only you”.

The battle wasn’t all light-hearted, however, as Lil Jon went on to warn viewers about using any type of vaccine, and less than ten minutes later T-Pain opted to play an R. Kelly song. One Twitter user commented on the dramatic turn of events, saying, “Lil Jon anti vaxin and T-Pain playing R Kelly…this is the part of the family function where my Uncles start saying questionable stuff and I’m ready to dip!”

Other viewers ignored the awkward moments and chose to focus on how hyped they were to hear such good music. One viewer commented, “How tf am I supposed to go back to sitting sedately on the couch after this Lil Jon T-Pain battle man this is a pregame”.