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Cuban Link Punished 50 Cent For Sharing Savage Meme About Her Cooking

Cuban Link punished 50 Cent for his latest meme on her cooking

If there’s one thing 50 Cent is notorious for, it’s being a massive troll on social media. But his girlfriend, Cuban Link, is getting revenge. As sweet as Fifty and Cuban Link are together, their relationship is filled with instances of each getting one over on the other. When the fitness instructor posted a clip of herself working out, you best believe her man teased her about doing so in some very expensive Chanel sneakers. His latest joke did not end so well for him, however.

With everyone stuck in quarantine at the moment, gone are the days where eating out is possible — and that includes getting takeaways. And so, many people have been trying out their cooking skills, including Cuban Link. But according to Fif, that didn’t turn out so well.

The “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” rapper posted a meme on Instagram of a little girl trying out something new that her mom has given her, and trying not to gag as she swallows it down. “I’m okay!” she shouts unconvincingly. “This is me when @_cuban_link cook LOL,” 50 Cent captioned the post. The aspiring lawyer was not impressed, and she chose to get one over on the artist when it came time for bed. Link, whose real name is Jamira Haines, shared a video of her talking to her boyfriend through the bedroom door.

“I want you to open this door,” Fif says. “Oh, now you want to come lay in the bed,” Cuban Link responds. “You’re sleeping on the couch.” Through giggles, she then says, “You talking ‘bout my cooking.” “You’re tripping, come on,” says 50 Cent. “You layin’ on the couch, go lay your a** on the couch,” she tells him, to which he replies, “I don’t wanna lay on the couch.”

That’ll teach him not to troll his lady!