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Pop Smoke’s 911 Call Audio From Murder Scene Released

A new 911 call of the day rapper Pop Smoke died has been released.

Pop Smoke, who was buried last month, is still the victim of an unsolved murder. TMZ released the audio for the 911 call that was made when he was shot in his home in Hollywood Hills, California. In the video, the emergency responders can be heard attempting to probe the caller and advise them, but there is an obvious fracas in the background among the parties reacting to the situation in person.

In the audio, a male voice can be heard telling authorities, “Come here,” while multiple voices were heard in the sea of commotion in the background. After a while, the man says, “I can’t talk to you any more. Just come here,” he reiterated. The caller also told police he “didn’t know” if he was in a safe place.

Pop Smoke, whose mixtape recently made its top ten Billboard 200 debut, was only 20-years-old when he sadly lost his life in February. The Brooklyn rapper was reportedly shot in his Los Angeles home following a “home invasion robbery” which was later ruled a targeted hit. TMZ reported that there was surveillance footage that proved that two men waited outside, then entered and left the home (with no valuables taken) around the time of the murder.

The authorities are yet to crack the case and have said they have no credible witnesses. The 911 call that has emerged has multiple voices on tape, which has some fans online questioning why the case can’t be solved yet. Though there are many other factors involved, fans have expressed that they hope this evidence can be helpful in some way.

However, the authorities, of course, would have already been privy to the 911 call and should have met the people present who had given the original police report. The details of the case and the reason for its stall has remained a mystery to most fans who say the upscale Los Angeles community is not usually one for such an untraceable operation of this nature.

Pop Smoke’s murder continues to be investigated, and fans, friends, and family are still hoping for answers.