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Lil Pump Almost Unrecognizable After Shaving Eyebrows Clean, “I’m A Alien Now”

Quarantine is making everyone a little crazy, and Lil Pump has not been exempt.

The internet is currently filled with videos of people cutting their own hair, deciding that uneven bangs are a look, and displaying other examples of how cabin fever has gotten to them. It seems that while Lil Pump was trying to stay immune from Coronavirus, he was not immune to the madness of self-isolation.

The latest photo of the “Gucci Gang” rapper reveals that he decided to shave off his eyebrows! Looking into the camera with his dreaded hair flopped to one side and his numerous face tattoos visible, it’s a little hard to decipher Pump’s expression… Yep, that’s because there is only skin where his two caterpillars used to be above his eyes.

Lil Pump

Everyone knows that eyebrows define the face and that the wrong shape can make you look hella weird, so we have to admit that the Florida native has looked better in the past… but as a full lockdown looms, he might have some time to grow them back in before he has to see people face to face. Lil Pump acknowledged that he looked a little odd, captioning the snap, “I’m an alien now.” While the buzz may have been borne out if boredom (or actually getting a bit buzzed), perhaps Pump wanted to give the alien look a try — he does, after all, have a space ship tatted on his forehead.

Those who have seen the pic posted on Insta have drawn attention to the resemblance that Pump now has to XXXTentacion. The “Moonlight” rapper, who was killed in June 2018, also sported dreads and facial tattoos — sans eyebrows. “XXXpump,” one IG user commented, while others stated that the 19-year-old looked like X. High praise indeed.

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I’m a alien now ?

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