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DJ Jazzy Jeff Reveals Battle With Pneumonia Might Be Coronavirus

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince has is one of the iconic hip hop groups of our time. However, one half of the duo is currently battling illness, which symptoms closely related to those of the COVID-19.

Just a day ago, the Philadelphia deejay, producer, and comedian took to his Instagram account to share that he has been fighting pneumonia in both of his lungs. It seems he was battling some form of illness from as far back as March 7 when he tweeted, “I’ll be happy when I’m home and I can cough freely… LOL.”

From one of his most recent Instagram posts, the deejay whose real name is Jeffrey Townes mentioned that he lost his sense of taste and smell, which scientists recently discovered is an early sign of coronavirus infection. DJ JazzyJeff also thanked his wife for helping him to get through his illness, stating, “I would NOT be here if not for my guardian angel for a wife!”

The legendary hip hop turntablist is asking for persons to stay home and to take the warnings seriously. “It does not care who you are…what you do or what your plans are. Stay Safe,” he wrote.

Quite a few celebs have already contracted the virus. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, Geto Boys rapper Scarface, rapper Slim Thug, actor Idris Elba, and NBA superstar Kevin Durant are just a few.

The music fraternity is already mourning losses as a result of the outbreak, with country singer Joe Diffie, and rockstar Alan Merrill passed away as a result of the contracting the virus.

As for Jazzy Jeff, he posted to his Instagram once more to let fans know that he is doing fine. He wrote, “I’m good!!! Thank God!!! I posted yesterday to bring awareness to how serious this is.” He gave another caution to look out for each other during this time.

The United States currently has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus cases in the world, with a recorded number of 184,487 as of March 31.