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Jada Kingdom Drops New Song “Yuh Betta (50 Bag Freestyle)”

Jada Kingdom’s latest track “Yuh Betta (50 Bag Freestyle)” is climbing Youtube’s local trending charts rather quickly and with good reason.

Jada Kingdom’s descriptive/storytelling capabilities are on point for this one, with her lyrics painting quite a picture as she instructs her lover to visit the Eastside for a lengthy rendezvous. The “Love Situation” singer is known for being quite raunchy and explicit when she delivers, and fans are treated to a lot more of the good stuff. Jada Kingdom doesn’t hold back in showing her freaky side, singing about the free reign that her lover will have over her body while they both lose themselves listening to her track “One Time.”

In reference to her lover, he is required to be of a certain caliber and also responsive to feedback as she directs him, “Yuh betta dont tek it out.” Jada doesn’t leave it there, confirming that her instructions are received by asking, “Wa me seh?”

There are many other bold lines included in the freestyle for the listening pleasure of the Kingdom nation. However, it’s still a mystery as to why the track is dubbed the ’50 Bag Freestyle’. Jamaican deejay Skillingbeng naturally thought that he was the one being referenced since he does have a track titled, “50 Bag” and regularly gives a shoutout to the ‘Eastside’ family. Skilli actually hopped into the comment section below Jada’s Instagram announcement asking, “Me ya talk??”

Jada Kingdom’s response is still being interpreted since all she left was “Yuh” followed by a pair of glancing eyes.

A fan of both immediately envisioned a possible collaboration between the two, writing, “@skillibeng this wuda madda with uh dawgggg.” While Skilli was not featured on Jada’s recent freestyle, it should be a breeze for him to find himself on the remix, since he also has strong ties with Tifa the Queen Records who produced the track.

Jada Kingdom’s “Yuh Betta” can be streamed below.