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50 Cent Chimed In On Trump’s Handling Of Coronavirus Crisis, ‘Reality Show President’

50 Cent

50 Cent shows Trump no mercy when criticising him for his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

50 Cent says voters wanted a reality show president and they got one. It is a grave understatement to say that the world has seen a rapid increase in the number of persons being affected by the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. This has ultimately led to many countries limiting the movements of their citizens, along with the shutting down of their borders to ensure no other cases are imported into their territories. Essentially the fate of the country is dependent on the actions of the government in power headed by the current Prime Minister or President.

The virus could be classified as the new Reign of Terror, this time not only rocking France but other places such as Italy, Spain, and the United States, to name a few. The statistics for the United States are pretty grim, with the country now holding the top spot for the most cases of COVID-19.

According to data accumulated from worldometers on March 29, 2020, the USA has recorded 138,947 cases, with 2,438 people perishing at the hands of the virus. Many citizens feel that those jarring figures could have been avoided if President Donald Trump acted differently. As the fear of contracting coronavirus rages through the country, The President is being called into action. However, many citizens, including some state governors, have expressed just how lacking his leadership skills are.

Rapper 50 Cent is among the persons who continue to seriously question Trump’s foresight. The rapper posted a meme to his page, expressing his thoughts. “You wanted a reality show President, well now you’re on Survivor,” read the meme.

While the meme has a sense of gloom about it, the rapper is still optimistic about the future. Fif captioned the post, “Yeah we f**ked up big time, but we gonna be alright watch.”

Where do you stand on the current governance of the United States during this time of crisis?

Also, with the United States set to hold its federal elections the first Tuesday in November 2020, will you be casting a vote for Donald Trump?