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Cardi B Responds To Criticism Over Controversial Coronavirus Rants

Cardi B is not backing down from any of her viral coronavirus commentary.

Cardi B is one of many social media users theorizing about potential coronavirus conspiracies and scrutinizing the government response, but some celebrities feel she should be more mindful of her large following before spreading ideas not based on facts. However, Cardi is standing by her suspicions, even defending her previous rant after Idris Elba called her out. While Idris didn’t name Cardi directly, everyone was certain that the actor’s criticism was directed at the Bronx rapper and others like her who aren’t thinking through everything they say on social media. Cardi has now answered back to the comments, saying, “Sometimes I get on my Live and I be talking some crazy sh*t entertaining my fans, and people take what I say and run with it.”

Despite admitting to sometimes being careless with her word choice, Cardi stood by her main message about the public being confused and misinformed by information we are receiving from the government about the coronavirus pandemic. Cardi reiterated some points she had made in her earlier posts, talking about the strangeness of multiple celebrities saying they have tested positive for the virus without having any symptoms.

Cardi went on to basically say that she is just as scared and confused as the rest of us, explaining, “I’m scared because I’m around my kid, I’m around my grandparent. What do I do?” She also lamented that middle- and working-class Americans do not have the luxury of access to next-day coronavirus testing to determine if they are a carrier, and that the lack of tests for everyday people may be perpetuating the spread of the virus.

She went on to acknowledge that many people do not have the luxury of quarantining when they live with multiple people in small spaces and have to continue to go to work to make ends meet.

While Cardi may not be on top of all the latest science, it is clear that she is a woman of and for the people.

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