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Fans Upset After Casanova Shoots Music Video During Pandemic But He Doesn’t Care

Fans are not impressed with Casanova who seems to be ignoring global health warnings.

Coronavirus is no joke as the exponential infection rate has shown. With more than 16,000 deaths worldwide as a result of the pandemic, many governments have placed their countries on lockdown to stop the virus from spreading. In places that have not, citizens have been instructed to practice social distancing which involves staying six feet away from others, while most are staying home altogether.

Casanova is not one of these people.

The “Don’t Run” rapper ventured out to shoot a music video and posted proof on IG. “About four thousand to cut this grass,” the 33-year-old said. “As long as this grass needs cutting, as long as I got to pay child support, as long as I got to pay lawyer fees, I’m the f*** outside. I’m not violating corona… I’m working. I’m busy.”

Even more disturbingly, Casanova said, “We all test positive for corona. We don’t give a f***. We outside. We don’t give a f***.” We don’t know whether the New York native was joking, but if he is serious then he is putting loads of people at risk. Social media users were understandably not impressed with Casanova’s behavior. Calling him wack, one person on Twitter asked who is going to take the rapper’s phone.

Casanova is not the only one out here shooting music videos. DaBaby made his directorial debut as he stepped behind the camera on Rich Dunk’s music video for “Gas Gas”. The “Bop” rapper revealed that Rich “ain’t stopped working at all” as he shared a video from the second day of filming. “Had to mute it to keep you b**** a** n***** from stealing sauce. On set of @richdunk_lok “GAS GAS” Video Shoot,” he wrote.

We reckon they should all be staying home.