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Hip Hop Legend Kurtis Blow Reveals He Almost Died From Ruptured Spleen

Kurtis Blow is counting his blessings and singing praises to his wife, who urged him not to put the breaks on going to the hospital.

The legendary rapper almost reached his demise following a recent rupture of his spleen. Thankfully, he was able to undergo emergency surgery some time last week, and he is now recovering. The rapper made his fans aware through a post to his Instagram page, explaining how his wife, Shirley Walker, saved his life with a swift decision.

He wrote, “The Covid 19 virus is crazy but last week I had another emergency surgery. My spleen was bleeding into my stomach. I went to the ER just in time because my wife made me go. I wanted to go in the morning. The surgeon said I was lucky to make it in time. They took out my spleen and saved my life. My spleen had splattered and I was bleeding internally.”

He continued by thanking God ad the medical staff, “I am in recovery now and I thank God for the great physician and Dr. Jamali. The great surgeon Dr. Schriver and all the nurses and assistants at West Hills Hospital. Thanks to my wife and fam for all your prayers.”

As Kurtis explained, this was not the first time that Shirley was seeing dark days with the 60 years old rapper. Back in 2016, the rapper had a heart attack while speaking to police officers at his Los Angeles home. The officers recounted that Blow lost consciousness a few times, but they were able to perform CPR while rushing him to the hospital, which proved critical in saving his life.

While on the road to a full recovery in 2019, he faced another scare which, according to HphopDX, saw doctors performing surgery to “repair an aortic artery, a condition that resulted from a recent trip overseas.”

Kurtis is a trooper, and his over 90.6k followers have all shown their love and support during this time.