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Cardi B Delays New Single Over Coronavirus

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B announces the delay of her next single due to coronavirus.

The Bardigang is now being forced to wait a bit longer before they can get their hands on any new music from their favorite rapper. In a recent tweet, the Bronx princess mentioned that the recent coronavirus outbreak pushed back the release of her new single. A fan asked Cardi B, “Where the single ?!?” to which Cardi B responded, “It’s delay due to the virus.” A few singles are set to precede Cardi’s sophomore album, Tiger Woods. Cardi did mention that the album is almost ready, with just a few club bangers to be added. During an interview with Baller Alert she mentioned, “I have my cool, calm, and collected songs, just missing a couple of more club hits. But we getting there.”

Just a couple of weeks ago she posted a few seconds of a new track which has her spitting, “Ayyyyy put some respect on my name, I brought you nothin but flames I’m boutta do it again!”

The mass hysteria brought on by the coronavirus was really put into perspective by the rapper who confessed that she is truly scared. “I ain’t gonna front. A b***h is scared, I’m a little scared. S**t got me panickin’, and a lot of you motherfu**ers think it’s a joke … but that sh*t right there, just because you’re immune to it, guess what? Your pocket ain’t, b*tch, because a lot of sh*t comes from motherfu**in’ China, b***h.”

Cardi B, who now resides in Atlanta with her husband Offset, is so scared of the virus that she has even considered moving to a different territory. “Let’s stop playing around. Is this coronavirus s**t gonna be like a couple of weeks type of s**t or it’s gonna be a couple of months type of s**t? Let me know so I can start motherfu**in’ rackin’ up on foods and Monclers so a b***h could move to motherfu**in’ Antarctica, b***h. I was really thinking about moving to the islands but the sh*t is motherfu**in’ spreading. I know ain’t nobody going up there but I is, b***h,” she wrote.

For most people, music is the drug that gets them through tough times. The total shutdown of public gatherings and events has not necessarily affected the output of studio recordings. However, the actual fear of the virus has really got some of the industry’s biggest artistes in a funk, stunting those much needed creative juices.

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