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Jay Electronica & Peter Rosenberg Spar Over “Synagogue Of Satan” Lyrics

Jay Electronica released his new album A Written Testimony and some have expressed that a particular line from one of his songs offended them.

New York’s Hot 97 Ebro in the Morning co-host Peter Rosenberg is going on the record to take issue with Jay Electronica’s lyrics about the devil. The radio personality, who is Jewish, took to Twitter to voice his dissent with the lyrics, “The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar.” But according to Electronica, the radio host is just clout chasing.

In a tweet addressing the issue, Rosenberg said, “Not feeling this bar from Jay Electronica and I know I’m not the only person who felt a way about it.” He went on to say that it’s been a long time since hip-hop made him feel like “damn does this artist hate Jews?” and thanked Jay for “throwing it back.”

The radio co-host actually then realized that this was not Jay Electronica’s first time mentioning the “synagogue of Satan” in his lyrics. He sent out another tweet clarifying that he had earlier quoted the wrong song, but he still disapproves of any use of this specific language as a Jew. After apologizing for the misquote, the radio added that he went and Googled it and learned that this is the second time that JAY-Z said the lyric twice.

Jay Electronica eventually caught wind of this and sent out two subs before addressing Peter directly. “Clout chasing us at an all time high,” the rapper wrote on Twitter. “and for the record. I stand on every single word i said on this album. #AWrittenTestimony #ISaidWhatISaid,” he also tweeted.

Sounds like we might have an interesting conversation coming up on Ebro. Do you think they’ll follow through?