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50 Cent Regains Control Of Instagram After GF Cuban Link Hack It

50 Cent might want to set a new passcode for his phone after his girlfriend hacked his Instagram.

Some incredibly sexy snaps showed up on the rapper’s feed last night, all featuring Miss Cuban Link. That is, of course, not Fifty’s bae’s real name. Born as Jamira Haines, the young woman is both a fitness instructor and aspiring lawyer, with her nickname derived from the fact that she is from the Caribbean island of Cuba.

50 Cent is notorious for being a jokester on social media, and Haines is one of his favorite people to tease. Back in January, the couple had a fake blowout on Instagram after the IG model posted a video demonstrating how hot she looks while working out at the gym. She is a fitness instructor, after all. “I just landed, now why you gotta be doing s*** like this. You send this s*** to my phone, not to Instagram, what the f***,” the “Power” actor commented on the clip. Relax, y’all, he was just kidding around.

Haines decided to get her own back this weekend, though, as she hijacked Fifty’s phone and laid some thirst traps on his Insta feed. Posting a pic of herself looking gorgeous while standing in a pool in a magenta bikini, Haines wrote, “This is the @cuban_link take over he lit I got his phone now what?” More shots followed with captions informing Fifty’s followers that she is the rapper’s type and that he will never leave her.

When 50 Cent discovered what his boo had done, he jokingly wrote, “Playing with my phone she gotta go! Now what the f*** would make this girl do some s*** like this.”

We quite like the fact that Cuban Link gives Curtis Jackson a taste of his own medicine!