Teejay Drops New Song “Weed Morning” Listen It

True lovers of the medicinal herb marijuana will know that some days you are bound to have the first few hours of the day dedicated to the special plant. No matter what way you show your appreciation for kush, you are sure to find some solace in Teejay’s new song titled, “Weed Morning.”

The Romeich Entertainment artiste is not shy about his love for the plant and confesses that he has it on him at all times. This is not Teejay’s first track professing his love for kush, and something tells us it won’t be the last, as in reality, his fingers are always extended by a spliff. There is another thing that the artiste is not shy about, and that is trying new elements in his music.

During the second verse, we are quickly transposed into the same high that Teejay is feeling, as the producers raise the pitch of his voice, almost to that of the Chipmunks. Clearly, he won’t be able to duplicate the action while on stage, but it’s a cool little effect for fans who are listening to the studio release.

While on the topic of release, we are not sure who was responsible for dropping Teejay’s new track, however, it would have definitely made sense to bless fans with the goods sometime in the mornings. Nonetheless, fans are grateful for the new music and their new morning anthem.