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DaBaby Slapping Victim Files Lawsuit, Wants Big Payday For Her Troubles

DaBaby is being sued by a female he slapped at a concert in Florida.

The female victim, Tyronesha Laws, previously appeared on TMZ telling her side of the story, but DaBaby quickly clapped back, saying that she is bogus and not the real victim in the viral clip. She has now officially filed a lawsuit against the “Suge” rapper for assault. She claimed that she didn’t provoke the rap superstar who lashed out at her and hitting her harshly in the face. Laws also claimed that DaBaby has no remorse for what he did and even pointed out his skit on social media with comedian Michael Blackson. She also denies being the person who pushed a phone in the rapper’s face, while his attorney insists that she is not the person he hit the night of the concert.

DaBaby is gaining a name for himself as a bad boy of hip hop following an incident this past weekend. Jonathan Kirk, Baby’s government name, was making his way to the stage during his show Tampa when a woman waved her phone in his face. It is not uncommon for fans to try and get pics of their favorite stars (especially when they’re that close), but it all went a bit wrong when the “Suge” rapper slapped her! It wasn’t just the woman who was left in shock. The crowd quickly caught on to what had gone down and were not impressed. Their riotous booing caused DaBaby to have to cut short the show and close up shop — before a single track had been sung!

Although the police showed up, no arrests were made. DaBaby took to IG after the incident and called on peeps to send any video evidence they may have, which showed the woman’s hand touching his face. In his defense, he acknowledged he did wrong and apologized to the woman in question. “I do sincerely apologize. I do,” DaBaby said on his IG Story. “I’m very sorry that there was a female on the other end of that flashlight on that phone. But you know, keep in mind, I couldn’t see you because you got the flash this close to me.”

The Charlotte rapper may have a legal battle on his hands as the woman, Tyronesha Laws, has appointed legal firm Morgan & Morgan to represent her and is now moving full speed ahead with her case.