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Drake Hop On Live With Dabbing Granny To Talk New Music

The Dabbing Granny and her Instagram Live fans got the shock of their lives when no other than Canadian rapper Drake, aka Champagnepapi, hopped onto her Live stream.

Granny, whose real name is Gail Olson, was speaking to her over 1.3 million Instagram fans on various topics when she received a request to do a joint stream with Drake. At first, she was a bit hesitant because she was unsure if it was actually Drake. However, she was convinced it was him after catching a glimpse of the Canadian rapper’s smile. She dipped into her compliment jar and pulled out a smooth one for Drake. She told him, “Your smile lights up the room, I’m sure your mom told you that.” Drake then revealed that it wasn’t something he was always proud of. “Well thank you. Yeah, my mom always told me to smile in pictures, and I was always self-conscious about it back in the day, but now it’s too many great things going on. I have to smile once in a while,” he mentioned.

He also had some kind words for the Dabbing Granny, complimenting her on her positivity. “You touched so many people. You come on here with positivity. You’re jolly and just happy and joyful and it’s like, even for me, sometimes I just look at your page if I’m feeling down,” confessed Drake.

Apart from asking to be Drake’s backup dancer, Granny also touched on the trending topic of the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping across the world and his concerns in terms of traveling. He mentioned, “It’s a wild time, but we’ll see how it plays out. We just gotta keep living.”

Before Drake dipped out he made a big reveal about his upcoming album. “You’re waking up and I’m going to sleep. I just left the studio, I’m working on a new album,” he told Granny. Sadly, the rapper did not give any specific release dates for the project. He instead provided a vague response, “When it’s done, we’ll see. Hopefully soon, right?” He did add that he’s in a great mood, “I feel great, I’m excited.”

Drake recently dropped a few tracks “When to Say When” and “Chicago Freestyle,” and also made an appearance in Lil Yachty’s video for his track “Oprah’s Bank Account.”