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Lil Yachty, Drake & DaBaby Link Up In “Oprah’s Bank Account”

Lil Yachty, Drake, & DaBaby dropped the official video for “Oprah’s Bank Account,” and let’s just say it very well may win an Oscar and a Grammy for its brilliance and creativity.

The 9-minute video is so unique and ingenious that it feels as though you are watching a movie, a comedy at that, as you are sure to burst out laughing multiple times while watching. To break down the video in its entirety would take days as it is so artistically crafted. The video, which was released two days ago, has received 6 million views so far, and that number is quickly climbing. The cut was directed by Julien Christian Lutz with credits for Creative Director going to none other than Lil Yachty himself.

The track boasts hilarious lyrics coupled with Lil Yachty, Drake, and DaBaby’s signature rap styles. Each verse is filled with crazy bars while simultaneously poking fun at themselves, amongst other things. However, it is the video that stands out for its creativity. “Oprah’s Bank Account” sees Lil Yachty playing the role of his version of Billionaire Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey. In his role as Boprah, as he titled it, he interviews both Drake and DaBaby along with mimicking Oprah and her famous habit of giving away large, expensive items to her guests. In true Yachty fashion, he gifts the entire audience of women with boats.

With its catchy and upbeat lyrics, fans are loving the song, and they are praising Yachty for his hilarious acting skills. This video is not one that should be overlooked. Fans are curious about Oprah’s reaction to the video. More than likely, she is too busy to make her opinion public, but it is a pretty interesting song and video concept.

Check out Lil Yachty’s, Drake’s, & DaBaby’s new single “Oprah’s Bank Account” below.