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Chronic Law Drops “Don’t Need Dem” Listen It

It is such a good feeling when you can confidently confess that you do not need something that is being offered to you. That confession is so much sweeter after finding out that all they had to offer was negativity in all its various forms.

Chronic Law is using March 06, as a day of reckoning for all the fakes offering him nothing but hardship and hate, as he calls them out in his new song, “Don’t Need Dem.” The true story-telling ability of Chronic Law makes this track a pleasure to listen to, as he gracefully flows across the beat. Taino Entertainment comes through with the smooth production.

A couple of the standout lines from “Don’t Need Dem” include the following: “Tell dem me no blind eno, dem wa fi take u things and smile wid you and when you down dem criticizing you / but tell them me rifle up and if me head hurt me, me size dem up / you know say me nah no time fi love / Yo a anyweh it de me ago hide the thug cause me know say dem ya people dutty like when untidy house.”

He also asks an important question that so many before have been seeking answers to. Chronic Law is not waiting for answers and is simply choosing to sever all ties instead.