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Pretty Ricky’s Pleasure P Speak Out About Arrest Over Fast Food Incident

R&B crooner Pleasure P was scooped up by police in a Miami Checkers & Rally’s earlier today on battery charges. The Pretty Ricky singer is now speaking out about what really went down.

According to reports from NBC 6 South Florida, the artiste pushed an employee in the chest while he was paying for his food. He was apparently yelling through the intercom before he pulled up to the collection window, where he then “continued to yell louder and become more disrespectful.” According to the official reports, he then provided the Checkers & Rally’s staff with $60.00 and shoved her with the food. Officers also allegedly smelled alcohol on Pleasure P’s breath upon arrival.

A calm and composed Pleasure P took to his Instagram page to set the record straight about what took place. The “Grind With Me” singer told fans, “Don’t believe the hype.” While Pleasure did admit that he got a bit loud as a result of the negative customer service he relinquished any truth to the claims of him putting his hands on the employee. “Ya’ll know I ain’t going out like that, I ain’t putting my hands on no female or nuthn crazy like that.”

He took the comments section to dive a little bit into what took place, “I was wrongfully arrested instead of Checkers having better customer service and correcting my order.” Pleasure revealed that food was thrown at him and the cashier refused to give him a refund as requested. He also admitted that he should have just allowed the $60.00 to slide.

Pleasure P is already reading his legal team to approach the police that arrested him along with Checkers & Rally’s. According to the artiste, action will also be taken against the staff member in question.

For now, Pleasure P seems set to get back to the 2020 Millenium Tour. The tour should hit its next stop in New York City on March 06, in the meantime, he is asking fans to grab his new single “Body.”

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moving forward we are definitely gonna look into revealing the truth in this situation. This will not go the way they think this is gonna go. I was wrongfully arrested, instead of checkers having better customer service and correcting my order. food was Thrown at me and the staff was very disrespectful. I asked for a refund and she refused to refund me. Like anybody i became upset but not to the point where i got physical with anyone. I think me being in my position, i should have just let her keep the 60 dollars even tho my order wasn’t correct. But hey you live and you learn. Action will be taken on this employee, the officer who wrongfully arrested me will be investigated and my lawyers will be in contact with @checkersrallys Get your tickets to the millennium tour and go get that new pretty ricky single body! Have a blessed day

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