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Dancehall Icon Aidonia Take Us Way Back To Primary School Days In This Throwback Pic

If any dancehall fans ever wondered what Aidonia looked like when he was around his son’s age, a quick visit to his Instagram might answer just that.

Aidonia shared a throwback photo to the ‘gram of himself as a youngster. I have to say were it not for the dreads and the facial hair on Didi today, one could say his child self can barely be separated from his adult profile. The dancehall artist posted the photo to his Instagram feed along with the caption, “YUNG DIDI! #BaAD,” he wrote.

Young Didi, whose real name is Sheldon Lawrence, looked a bit vexed as he stared into the camera lens with a wrinkled chin and pouting lips. The photo was evidently taken at a school picture day as Sheldon was clad in a khaki shirt and pants, which is the orthodox school uniform in Jamaica.

Some fans compared the photo of Didi to his son, who is around the same age now as the deejay appears to be in the photo. One commented on the post writing, “Look Khalif!” seemingly suggesting that there is a striking resemblance between the father and son.

Other fans were adamant that the expression the young Genna had in the photo was evidence of something he has already admitted to us in song. I believe it was the Genna boss himself who said, “From me a little youth, man a bad pickney.”

One thing is for sure, and it’s that Aidonia’s features are still quite similar to what they were back then. Even one of the deejay’s fans had to comment, “Nothing nuh change.” If the throwback post made it to Shaderoom’s “Guess which celebrity this grew up to be” it would probably set a record for the most obvious one yet. At the very least, we hope Aidonia’s post will inspire others to share. Would you care for more throwback photos like these from other artists in the dancehall and reggae arena?

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