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17-Year-old Rapper NLE Choppa Has A Baby On The Way

Congrats kid, you’re going to be a daddy.

NLE Choppa is expecting his first child this year. The 17-year-old rapper took to Twitter earlier this week to make a huge announcement – he is expecting a son! Choppa seemed excited about the impending new chapter as he shared some lengthy tweets about his thoughts on it. Alongside a photo of an ultrasound, NLE Choppa tweeted, “I Got A Little Me On The Way Man,” the rapper wrote. The Memphis teenage rapper also noted that he has been facing grown men problems since he was a boy.

The Memphis rapper made the announcement ahead of WiLD 94.1’s WiLD Splash 2020 this weekend in Tampa Bay. An event at which he’ll perform along with acts like Roddy Ricch, DaBaby, Wale and more. NLE Choppa went on to share that there is another side to him that he is looking forward to learning more about with his son.

“Everybody Love Entertainment Side Of Choppa They Hype, Dancing, And Turn Up NLE, But nobody know the day to day NLE,” he said in a second tweet. “I Say That To Say This… It Ain’t Much Happy In My Life But Hopefully I’ll Learn To Love myself and receive the love I never felt before through my child. Only Two Blessings I’ve Been Praying For This Year Was A Healthy Son And A Number One Album When It Drop.”

At thetop of this year, NLE Choppa admitted that he was single after the whole controversy with his ex-girlfriend getting a portrait tattoo of him. He seemed reluctant to talk about her during an interview with No Jumper, but he admitted to liking the single life. No word yet on who his baby’s mother is, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s revealed.