50 Cent Reveals Pop Smoke Posthumous Album Dropping In May

50 Cent already has the timeline mapped out for Pop Smoke’s posthumous album.

TV producer/rapper 50 Cent recently announced that he would be releasing an album for the recently departed rapper Pop Smoke. There were apparently quite a few records left behind that would make for a full-length project, and Fifty decided to executive produce it. Fifty already recruited this decade’s first breakout star Roddy Ricch for the project. After sharing a post asking fans to let “The Box” rapper know that he wants him on the album, Ricch responded, “say no more.”

It seems it didn’t take Fifty too long to develop this amazing idea he had. Not only has he already secured some great collaborators for the project, but it looks like he already has a date in mind.

Taking to Instagram to share an update about the posthumous album, Fifty wrote “Set for release in May,” alongside a photo of him and Pop Smoke both masked up. “Oh yeah, I’m gonna hit your phone @postmalone I need you on this,” he added. Some fans questioned Post Malone’s sound was the right fit for Pop Smoke’s album but Fifty was quick to reassure them that he is the expert here. “Trust my judgement I know what i’m doing,” he wrote in a comment online.

Fifty seems to be pretty passionate about this album because unlike a lot of people in the industry, Pop Smoke is one that he says he actually likes. He recently posted a photo of himself with the caption, “I’m looking at everything through a different lens, everybody I call ain’t coming but I’m doing what I have to do to make it hot. I don’t like a lot of you weak a** n***as but I likes pop smoke,” Fifty wrote.

I don’t know a Post Malone feature that wasn’t a hit, and Roddy Ricch is one of the hottest in the game right now. It sounds like Pop Smoke’s debut studio album slated for release this May is definitely gonna be a hit. We’re looking forward to seeing the late rapper’s first appearance on the Billboard 200 Top Albums chart.