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Dancehall Baddie Shenseea Shook After A Female Fan Lick Her What On Stage ?

Shenseea’s super fan brought some bedroom moves to her concert.

Dancehall vixen Shenseea has been blooming on the international scene this year, releasing hit collabs with American artists and being booked solid for performances. While on stage during her last show, Shenseea was caught off guard by a bit of a freaky fan when she left her feet exposed as she sat on the platform.

The “Blessed” singer took to social media to share the unbelievable story of this fan licking her toes at the show. “Unu bad over ya enuh Belize,” she said in the video that went viral on Instagram. “Mi literally sit down pon di stage a sing mi song and one girl hold mi foot and jus a s*ck off mi toe dem bredda,” she told her followers. The dancehall deejay went on to add that the incident definitely made the top two for the strangest things a fan have done at one of her shows. The Shenyeng boss called the ordeal weird but exciting. Does that mean she was into it?

Most fans took to the comments to express disgust angling that disease has never been more prevalent and suggesting that the fan’s gesture was a bit too much, especially considering the coronavirus being at large. “To how corona unleashed itself on the Earth not even hand me nah shake,” one fan wrote. On the other side of the spectrum, some fans lauded Shenseea as a “gyallis” for her foot worship achievement.

The singjay seemed to be enjoying herself as she told the story in a Tik Tok video with the word “Love” and a black heart emoji. She went as far as to share the number one “weirdest” and “still exciting” thing that has happened to her at a show, which included some X rated details.

We already knew that Shenseea was open-minded, so it comes as no surprise that she took it lightly when a fan left their bodily fluids on her stockings. Maybe she even enjoyed it a little?