Jada Kingdom Drops Steamy “One Time” Video

Jada Kingdom drops off the visual for “One Time.”

Jada Kingdom has finally released the long-awaited video for what may be her raunchiest track yet, “One Time.” She previewed the video on her Instagram page a few weeks ago, and fans have been requesting the goods from the “Heavy” singer since then. While the lyrics on the song are penned “no place like your bed”, Jada decided to take it to the outdoors to where she bares it all, stripping down to nothing but skin as she and her king caress each other in a tiny plastic tub.

Jada Kingdom has proven to be a dancehall sex symbol from her days of modeling, but this newly released video takes things up a notch. It’s always good to call a spade a spade, and yes, for all those who have been thinking it, it inches close to the borders of softcore porn. The element of bubbles along with the sight of two naked soapy bodies rubbing against each other is quite a hair-raiser, as documented by many of her fans in the comments below the video.

“Oh lord, Sas christ a must your energy me a channel. That is a big wash pon. sexy nuh Blo******,” penned one viewer.

“The scene is everything the mood it give off woiie. jada u bad,” wrote another, commenting on the scenery. In all honesty, the backdrop is one of the strongest concepts in this video, as it allows for some super clean shots of the daytime sky and the lush fauna, that’s if you have time to take your eyes off the main attraction.

This goes down as a win for the Kingdom, and the production crew at Warrior Films JA, for their stunning concept.