Koffee Celebrates 20th Birthday Doing Donuts In Dubai’s Desert, Here’s The Clip

This is how Koffee celebrated her 20th birthday.

Yesterday while fans in the Western Hemisphere were gearing up to see Koffee’s first appearance on Nick Cannon’s Wild n Out, the now 20 years out singer, was ‘out and stuntin’ in the Middle East. As part of her extend birthday celebrations, Koffee along with her mother Jo-Anne Williams and her team, went out into the Dubai desert at midnight, accompanied by professional race car drivers, where she learned in rapid time how to drive a stick shift motor car and how to do a donut drift, using a high powered vehicle.

“So we deh out in a Dubai in a the desert,” Koffee said. “It’s like 2:02 am. We deh yah a learn how to drift; all who no learn how to drive stick [Manual] a learn how to drift in a them Monster race car yah,” Koffee said with glee.

“See the one Mommy in a di corner yah a pree out di ting from afar. From mi tell her say me want be a drag race driver and is like shi a go on like she want come squash me dream,” she joked, as she turned the camera on to her mother.

Just before she commenced her first lesson, Koffee declared: “Ama start slow.” She spent approximately five minutes listening to her instructor, then adjusted her seat before driving off, as her mother and crew erupted in cheers.

“Watch yah! Watch yah. Watch mi baby nuh man,” Williams shouted as the Ardenne High School graduate slowly drove around.

In the next video, Koffee does one donut, but her videographer shouts at her to do it again, as her mother again shouts excitedly like a true Jamaican: “Di girl a drift pon har first lesson. What is this?”

Seconds later, there were screams as Koffee gave the vehicle one rev and then pulled off six donuts before driving back laughing, to where the onlookers were standing,

The Rapture artiste then decided to execute her final stunt, doing ten donuts and then exiting the car, happy to have had one of her lifelong dreams come true.

Hours later on Dubai’s Virgin Radio 104.4 FM, her driving instructor said he was highly impressed by how fast the youngster, who had never driven a standard vehicle before, was able to grasp the driving concepts.

“I must say she has never driven stick in her life ever, (she) got in the car and within five minutes. She’s got so much courage. She put so many men to shame,” he said.