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Snoop Dogg’s Son Cordell Wears Women Clothing & Makeup, Responds To Critics

Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, is embracing his androgyny, and he doesn’t care what the haters think.

Gone are the days when men and women could only wear certain things. We’re currently live in a world where women can rock suit pants, and if men want to don dresses, then more power to them. This was clearly demonstrated at the 2020 Academy Awards when Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Award winner, Billy Porter, wore a top and skirt combo while presenting on the red carpet.

The latest individual to break gender clothing stereotypes is Cordell Broadus. The 22-year-old is Snoop Dogg’s second-eldest child, born to him and his wife Shante Taylor, who was his high school sweetheart. The pair, who were originally married in 1997, filed for divorce in 2004 but renewed their vows four years later and have been together ever since.

Cordell played football for UCLA after being awarded a scholarship due to his playing receiver and defensive back in high school and making the 2014 Nevada state championship team. He claimed that he had only chosen to pursue the sport as a means to gain his father’s love. He added that after a decade he realized that Snoop Dogg, the infamous OG gangster rapper, loved his son the person. “It took me 12 years to realize he loves Cordell Broadus, the person not Cordell Broadus the football player,” he said

The “I Wanna Thank Me” rapper son’s decision to put his football playing aspirations aside in 2016 in order to follow other passions, meant that he has found himself amongst the world of modeling, having secured his debut gig for MCM Worldwide two years ago.

Cordell’s latest shoot has led to many displays of homophobia online due to the model wearing items that are deemed to be emasculating, such as earrings, eyeliner, and pink clothing.

“I was embodying a role, that s*** was on masculinity, and I channeled my inner Prince, I channeled my inner Rick James, and I don’t understand it. Whenever other artists that are not black wear makeup, paint their nails or put eyeliner on, society doesn’t put a label on them,” Cordell said on his Instagram Story. Broadus added that as an artist he doesn’t follow the rules that society imposed, nor does he listen to unsolicited opinions.

You keep doing you, Mr. Broadus.