Skillibeng Drops “50 Bag” Video

Dancehall’s new kid Skillibeng has dug deep and resurfaced with another anthem. His most recent hit track, “50 Bag” has been doing well and has been getting a lot of love from weed smokers and music lovers alike. The official audio for the track surfaced approximately four months. During this time, fans have been requesting a music video to accompany the track.

Those requests were answered today, as Skillibeng and the team compromising of Tifa The Queen Records, Claims Records, and Eastsyde Records teamed up to provide a clever, witty video for “50 Bag.” The video opens with a man on the quest for more than just weed but ultimately only ends up with half of a 50 Bag that another character called Onie purchased.

Nonetheless, that’s all that is needed for a high when you already have Rizla rolling papers, a lighter and few leaves of tobacco [‘hot’ grabba]. Apart from the comedic skit, the video brings across a few dancers, Skilli and his crew, as they drink Hennesy and smoke the good stuff and a lot of shaking.

The video comes hot off the success of “Brik Pan Brik” which is still a hit in dancehall parties all over the world. The video, which accompanied it as reached over 2 million views since its December debut.

You can stream the video for “50 Bag” on Youtube.