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Kodak Black Pours Heart Out From Prison In “Because Of You” Video

In January this year, Kodak Black lawyer paid him a visit in jail and told his fans that he’s working on a new project that is keeping him busy.

Only a few days ago, the Pompano Beach rapper released a fire new track, “Because of You.” The track is like a love ballad directed to Who exactly? Maybe it could be for his girlfriend who he claims has not been allowed to visit him in prison, a little gift for her, as well as, his fans I may say. Kodak Black pours his heart out over the sizzling beat while expressing his thoughts about his love interest freely.

“All because of you / I’ ma be a better man / Now I wanna do, things I ain’t never did / I’ ma open up and show another side / I ain’t show no one / I ain’t showed no one, yeah,” Black raps.

The second verse finds Kodak Black reminiscing about his girl and all the good times they spent together. Perhaps this Valentine’s Day was particularly hard for Project Baby, who has been complaining about the harsh treatments he has been enduring since his incarceration last year.

Kodak Black, 22, was sentenced to 46 months in prison for making a false statement in the acquisition of a firearm while attempting to purchase a semiautomatic weapon in Florida. The rapper, whose real name is Bill Kapri, is one of the most promising young rappers in the game, despite his previous runnings with the law. He has a lot of time to turn his life around when he is released from prison and work on his personal life as well as his musical career.

Kodak released an accompanying video with his new single “Because Of You.” Sources say the cut was filmed just before he was arrested last year. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper, who is known to release new music around the love celebration season, Valentine’s Day, came through for his fans. Without a doubt, they’re showing their appreciation on social media.

Our only hope is that Kodak Black continues to channel his energy into his music while being confined and also work on himself. The lyrics of his songs, speaks about the artist changing to be better a person for the one he loves. Wouldn’t a positive change be beneficial to both parties, himself and his lover?