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Ishawna Drops Raunchy V-Day Track “Come Inside”

Ishawna is back with another steamy new single for her fans. “Come Inside,” which was dropped off over the weekend, just before the love day celebration, is a TJ Records Production. Her recent release is very much detailed with strong sexual annotations she used to taunt her lover. I hope the lovers had a field day on V-day with this hot release.

The track finds Ishawna’s showcasing her signature vocals over a slow dancehall beat. “Mi Nah lie yu have it loc / Fi yu, mi wi climb any mountain top / As yu mek eye contact / Mi baggy drop, push it in deep and bruise mi throat back,” she sings. The female diva is famous for her X-rated sexually charged themes when it comes on to her music. “Come Inside” is no different, as it exemplified what Ishawna is known for.

In her previous raunchy single, “Want It,” Ishawna asked to be handled roughly, now after wanting it so badly, Ms. Legendary is asking him to “Come Inside.” The dancehall princess posted a sneak peek of her behind the scene shoot on Instagram, which got fans excited and eager for the sexy diva’s new music video, “Come Inside.”

Ishawna seems to be working well with TJ Records, another sizzling and sexy hit, and fans look forward to Ms. Legendary, who is also famous for going on the low key then emerges with something fire. Ishawna has come a long way in Dancehall and still managed to consistently maintain her presence year after year.