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Big Sean Details How He Dealt With Kendrick Lamar Beef, Top Dawg Got A Phone Call

Big Sean is addressing his beef with Kendrick Lamar in a new interview with Joe Budden.

It’s rare that we have the pleasure of witnessing Detroit rapper Big Sean in an interview, but fans love to see it. Sean recently appeared on an episode of the YouTube series “Pull Up,” where he sat down for an interview with Joe Budden. During the talk, the rapper was asked about this alleged beef that he has with Kendrick Lamar, and he was happy to clear it up.

According to Big Sean, there really was no beef, just the internet making something out of nothing which made it something. The history of their beef can be linked back to 2013 when Kendrick’s verse on the rappers’ collaboration “Control” was said to have called out rappers like Big Sean, which many believed could cause tension between the two.

Fast forward to 2016 and fans are speculating that Big Sean took shots at the Compton rapper in his song “No More Interviews” where he talks about not being impressed by artists who rap fast; artists who we as fans have on our mental list for top five int he game and even may deem “the savior of rap.”

Big Sean said in the interview with Joe Budden that, of course, he was not talking about Kendrick, but the internet said he was, and he never denied it because it was just that absurd. “I remember going online and seeing, ‘Oh, is he talking about Kendrick?'” the rapper recalled. “I’m like, ‘That’s some bullsh*t.’ So I didn’t give no energy to it.”

Whispers started up again about a rift between the two when Kendrick Lamar released his song “The Heart Part 4” in 2017, and fans started speculating that K-dot was aiming at Big Sean. According to the Detroit rapper, he confirmed with the CEO of K-dot’s label that it wasn’t about him, but tension grew between him and Kendrick anyway because they never talked about it.

Though Sean says they both had let it go, it wasn’t until he ran into one of Top Dawg Entertainment’s executives on a flight to NC and was asked if he ever reached out to Kendrick that it dawned upon him that he actually never did but really should have. “Got his number and we communicated. The respect is mutual. It was literally nothing,” Big Sean told Joe Budden.

Check out the full interview below.